Decisioneering enriches your Decision-Making through Scenario Analysis and Business Modeling

Based on a portfolio of science & technology options, corporate strategy decisioneering models enrich the decision-making process by:

  • assessing possible technology-to-business values using technical-economic modeling tools according different scenarios;
  • Valuing decisional flexibility by use of real options methodologies;
  • Customised business strategy dynamic models to better foresight technology-to-business prospects.

From operational to strategic technology-to-business decisions, our services translate technology-options into technology-to-business scenarios and value these into R&D-portfolio and business decisions, such as:

  • What technical options are available and best fitted for operational challenges?
  • Which strategies are most appropriate for technology seekers and providers?
  • How to optimise technology-to-business processes?
  • How to prepare the introduction of certain technologies in compliance with regulatory, safety, security, safeguards requirements?
  • How to prepare the institutional settings for nuclear programs?
  • Which technology provides benefit/cost-optimised solution(s) top operational and/or programmatic challenges?
  • Design R&D-strategies and portfolios in line with business and operational plans.