We’re an international operating expert firm specialised in nuclear science & technology decisioneering services to governments, investors, utilities, industry, R&D-organisations and waste management agencies worldwide.

Our experts are among the best independent experts based on extensive international experience in various domains of science and technology, (nuclear) energy policy, public policy, technology-to-business management, engineering and operations.

We specifically focus on supporting technology providers and technology seekers in their decisioning process towards designing, developing and steering nuclear programs covering nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, radiation diagnostics and other radiation applications in clean technology development.

Our expertise covers the whole decisional process from early consideration to use or develop nuclear science & technology applications up to the investment and business development process as well as the management of such programs internationally next to expertise support to ongoing operations. Nuclear energy policies, public policy on nuclear applications including non-proliferation and international safeguards, safety and security of our customers’ plans and assets are part of our portfolio of activities.

We partner with companies, S&T-organisations, public policy organisations and experts worldwide fitting your needs and enriching your and our portfolio of expertise and capabilities.

In short, we accompany you in developing nuclear science & technology as a critical contributor to sustainable solutions for us all during this 21st century.

Science & Technology Scouting

Backed by world-renown and nuclear science and technology customised technology scouting methodologies and tools, our experts analyse, foresight and short list technology and business options including regulations. While being involved ourselves in international nuclear programs.

Technology and Business Assessment & Modeling

In-depth multi-criteria assessment using technical-economic modeling tools to present possible future scenarios for the development of nuclear programs with evaluation of various short-listed technology-to-business options in light of the  institutional and international regulatory implications.


Strategic Roadmapping and Project Management

Co-drafting of strategic plans with translation into activities portfolio covering public policy, regulatory, safety and security and R&D projects management. We also provide interim management services especially when addressing international programs.

Science & Technology Strategy

Underpinning your strategic portfolio with a matching medium/longer-term science & technology portfolio continuously preparing your  strategic portfolio to optimise your technology-to-business performance.