Continuous Differentiation

Continuous differentiation in technology and its use is crucial for nuclear S&T providers and seekers in a changing world market where knowledge is global, where money and markets globalise and where business remains essentially technology-governed.

Technological excellence is a must, being the first to capture and incorporate new emerging technologies and thinking into business defines sustained profitability for all. All this while complying with safety and security, with safeguards and all applicable regulatory conditions.

We support you in this journey by:

  • capturing emerging S&T and business potential into R&D-programmes and in technological solutions for operational needs with due account taken of institutional and regulatory environment;
  • innovating both the technological portfolio as the technology-to-business processes;
  • assessing the multifaceted nature of the use of nuclear science & technology by accompanying you in compliance with safety, security, safeguards, export control and any regulatory requirements;
  • ensuring the decisional process be expertise-based guaranteeing quality in decisioneering on strategy and programmatic and operational performance.

Our expertise and capabilities englobe the whole process of:

  • science and technology scouting seeking the short-list of technology and business options;
  • to assess those in-depth, including the regulatory and public policy dimensions, and model the technology-to-business potentials using various scenario assessment methodologies and tools;
  • to support you in opting for performing technological or programmatic solutions for operational challenges;
  • to co-design and co-develop your strategic activities portfolio next to benchmarking with regard to science, technology, regulatory and business trends;
  • to inform and prepare you on the non-technical aspects of nuclear S&T applications as well as safety, security, safeguards and regulatory requirements;
  • to evaluate your positioning in the international science & technology scene continuously improving your technology-to-market performance.

Our own continuous involvement in the international science & technology and public policy scene guarantees a continued follow-up of main trends and opportunities where we can broker between technology seekers and providers for best technology-to-market performance for all. Using knowledge management and innovation processes throughout our offer, we capture and execute performing nuclear science & technology programs.

We work with private equity investment funds to seek new business potentials and associated funding avenues.

Identify and Develop the Right Technologies at the Right Time within the Correct Public Policy Framework 

We have multi-decades experience and remain very well networked as trusted partners in the international (nuclear) science & technology scene through long-lasting participation in public policy, nuclear R&D programmes and consultancy assignments worldwide.

Backed by world-reknown and nuclear science & technology customized technology scouting methodologies and tools, our experts analyse and map technology and business options as well as the multi-faceted framework wherein nuclear S&T is being applied. Through technology and patent analysis, expert interviews, technology and business potential criteria screening and identification of key experts, S&T centres, public policy think thanks, and business partner identification, we sketch your technology and business futures as input in business and R&D-strategy decisioneering.

Once technologies and business options short-listed, we perform deep-dive investigations of technology value, development path and technology-to-business potential. We detail technology and business development options and scenarios by defining technology/business specifications, market analysis and business plans and R&D-programme definition, set-up and partnering options in line with your business and R&D strategy. 

We facilitate brokerage between technology providers and technology seekers and accompany our clients towards a technology-to-business project. 


Decisioneering enriches your Decision-Making through Scenario Analysis and Business Modeling

Based on a portfolio of science & technology options, corporate strategy decisioneering models enrich the decision-making process by:

  • assessing possible technology-to-business values using technical-economic modeling tools according different scenarios;
  • Valuing decisional flexibility by use of real options methodologies;
  • Customised business strategy dynamic models to better foresight technology-to-business prospects.

From operational to strategic technology-to-business decisions, our services translate technology-options into technology-to-business scenarios and value these into R&D-portfolio and business decisions, such as:

  • What technical options are available and best fitted for operational challenges?
  • Which strategies are most appropriate for technology seekers and providers?
  • How to optimise technology-to-business processes?
  • How to prepare the introduction of certain technologies in compliance with regulatory, safety, security, safeguards requirements?
  • How to prepare the institutional settings for nuclear programs?
  • Which technology provides benefit/cost-optimised solution(s) top operational and/or programmatic challenges?
  • Design R&D-strategies and portfolios in line with business and operational plans.


Do the Things Right after having decided upon the Right Things

Using technology roadmapping methodologies and tools and  project management expertise, we:

  • co-draft the R&D-strategic plan translated into a R&D-portfolio supported by collaborative Project management suite solutions;
  • perform R&D-Porfolio management;
  • Co-conduct R&D-Project management;
  • Identify, lead and develop R&D-partnerships;
  • Support technology and business development.

Based on business strategy model(s), we benchmark technology-to-market performance using our R&D-budget database tracking a multitude of indicators with regard to R&D-performance by public and private organisations across various sectors.

Our long-lasting involvement in international R&D-programmes, both public as private, network us across the world to define and develop R&D and business partnerships. Each of our experts have been extensively involved in technology and business development worldwide and may provide interim management services on R&D-manegement, R&D-infrastructure operational management and multi-party collaborative programme management.

Prepare and Position for the Future

A performing R&D-portfolio is a living strategy underpinned by a strategic S&T-portoflio preparing tomorrow's technology-to-business performance.

Based on technology and business strategy, a technology portfolio evaluation allows further optimizing your R&D-portoflio and, importantly, prepare in time the key science & technology developments to be watched for, to be involved in or to capture at full. 

We continuously watch key (nuclear) S&T drivers and developments allowing to propose you maximal leverage in the international S&T-scene while maximizing yours and partner's benefit/cost balance. We analyse, design, co-develop and support steering your nuclear S&T-strategy.

We actively participate to international public policy and energy policy as well as S&T think thanks as an active trusted partner.