Do the Things Right after having decided upon the Right Things

Using technology roadmapping methodologies and tools and  project management expertise, we:

  • co-draft the R&D-strategic plan translated into a R&D-portfolio supported by collaborative Project management suite solutions;
  • perform R&D-Porfolio management;
  • Co-conduct R&D-Project management;
  • Identify, lead and develop R&D-partnerships;
  • Support technology and business development.

Based on business strategy model(s), we benchmark technology-to-market performance using our R&D-budget database tracking a multitude of indicators with regard to R&D-performance by public and private organisations across various sectors.

Our long-lasting involvement in international R&D-programmes, both public as private, network us across the world to define and develop R&D and business partnerships. Each of our experts have been extensively involved in technology and business development worldwide and may provide interim management services on R&D-manegement, R&D-infrastructure operational management and multi-party collaborative programme management.