Identify and Develop the Right Technologies at the Right Time within the Correct Public Policy Framework 

We have multi-decades experience and remain very well networked as trusted partners in the international (nuclear) science & technology scene through long-lasting participation in public policy, nuclear R&D programmes and consultancy assignments worldwide.

Backed by world-reknown and nuclear science & technology customized technology scouting methodologies and tools, our experts analyse and map technology and business options as well as the multi-faceted framework wherein nuclear S&T is being applied. Through technology and patent analysis, expert interviews, technology and business potential criteria screening and identification of key experts, S&T centres, public policy think thanks, and business partner identification, we sketch your technology and business futures as input in business and R&D-strategy decisioneering.

Once technologies and business options short-listed, we perform deep-dive investigations of technology value, development path and technology-to-business potential. We detail technology and business development options and scenarios by defining technology/business specifications, market analysis and business plans and R&D-programme definition, set-up and partnering options in line with your business and R&D strategy. 

We facilitate brokerage between technology providers and technology seekers and accompany our clients towards a technology-to-business project.