Passioned by a better future for us all, we're an internationally operating team of experts in nuclear science & technology solutions towards sustainable futures

Founded by Luc Van Den Durpel after already an extensive career in nuclear S&T, government organisations, consultancy and industry worldwide, like-minded experts joined our journey to support you in nuclear science & technology decisioneering ensuring your strategic and programmatic performance in nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, radiation diagnostics and radiation applications in clean tech technologies.

Anne Boogaerts became partner strengthening the overall expertise and capabilities offered and ensuring the continuity in serving customers worldwide. 

All of our associated senior experts have extensive experience in various fields of science & technology, within nuclear energy, nuclear medicine and other applications of radiation technologies. With a managerial experience covering energy market assessments, scenario analysis, technology and business assessment, operations and engineering, business strategy dynamics, public policy, R&D-management and technology roadmapping and all this in a international context, we're providing you a complete set of expertise and capabilities.

Our technical expertise covers:

  • Nuclear Energy:
    • Uranium and Thorium Mining and Milling
    • Fuel cycle scenario analysis
    • Extractive chemistry
    • Conversion and enrichment
    • Nuclear fuel design, fabrication and used fuel management
    • Reactor core fuel management
    • Reactor Physics
    • Radiochemistry
    • Radioprotection
    • Nuclear Safety and Security
    • Radioactive waste management
    • Actinide Recycling
    • Advanced nuclear technologies
    • Thorium fuel cycle
    • Environmental protection
  • Energy Technologies and (Nuclear) Energy policy:
    • Energy Sustainability
    • Energy Policy
    • Energy Economics
    • Water-Energy Nexus
    • Water Desalination
    • Process Heat applications
    • Non-Proliferation and International Safeguards
  • Nuclear medicine:
    • Radioisotopes production, transport and distribution
  • Nuclear Science & Technology Applications:
    • Application of radiation in clean technologies
    • Advanced radiation applications and radioactive material management
    • Instrumentation
  • Safety and security
  • Regulatory

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